Potato, Pancetta and Olive Pizza

pizza in oven

I have done a lot of grilled pizza recipes on this blog simply because, well, I love grilled pizza! The number one reason is that it is generally as close as you can get at home to that perfectly crisp crust and smoky char that you get from wood fired pizzas.

There is something about live fire and smoke that just sends pizza over the top. I am fortunate enough to have access to Bull Outdoor Products’ wood fired pizza ovens. Having done many wood fired pizza demos for Bull at various events, I can’t tell you enough about the positive response to the pizzas, let alone the sleek design of the ovens. There have been a couple standout pizzas that I’ve made for events. One is the Apricot and Blueberry Dessert Pizza and the other is the Potato, Pancetta, and Olive Pizza in this post.

If you are thinking of getting a wood fired pizza oven or even just curious as to how to use one, I have included three videos that I shot to show you how to light the fire, make and cook a pizza, and a rundown of the tools every pizzaiolo should have.

You can make these pizzas at home even if you don’t have a wood fired oven, the directions adapted for the grill using a pizza stone are included in the recipe.

Please Note: Grilling & Outdoor Recipes will be moving to a self-hosted site within the Bull Outdoor Products website!

During the transition while the design and updates to the blog are finalized, I will continue to post the lead-in to the recipe here on this site with a link to the new site. Be sure to sign-up for the email notifications for the recipe posts! If you are using a feed aggregator like Feedly, use the URL http://blog.bullbbq.com/.

Thank you for your patience during this transition!

Click below to be taken to the recipe.

Potato, Pancetta and Olive Pizza

potato pizza - sq


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