Your Game Day Sandwich… Flank Steak Rubbed with Pastrami Spices

Flank steak with pastrami rub vert

I have to be honest… this recipe was teamwork; perfect for a winning game day sandwich.

The other night I was having a drink with some buddies when Richard told me about this amazing Ruben sandwich that he had that afternoon that was made with beef instead of pastrami. My original thought was to stuff a flank steak with Swiss cheese and make a killer Russian dressing to go with.

I was talking through this idea with my good friend and fellow chef, Pablo, who suggested making a pimiento cheese-style spread out of the Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

Flank steak rubbed with pastrami spices, grilled perfectly medium-rare on grill toasted Jewish rye bread with sauerkraut and an Swiss Cheese-Russian Spread…. Teamwork.

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Click below to be taken to the recipe.

Flank Steak Rubbed with Pastrami Spices

Flank steak with pastrami rub horz


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