Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day 2014 sq800 copyThis year’s Labor Day menu is inspired by my time living in Dallas and the amazing barbecues and cookouts we would have. A lot of my friends during that time had come to Texas from various parts the south and it is also where I went to cooking school. Believe me when I say, that that was delicious time and a huge influence on how I cook today. So with that in mind, I thought I would thrown down a south-by-southwest (SXSW… get it?) mash-up for Labor Day!

Just click the pictures below to be taken to the recipes. 🙂

Kicking it off I made grilled beef sliders fortified with some New Mexico Hatch chilies and topped with that southern specialty – pimiento cheese.

SxSW Sliders - pin

Putting a twist on the All-American hot dog, I grilled up some pork belly “hot dogs” slathered in barbecue sauce and topped with a vinegary Jalapeño BBQ Slaw

Pork Belly Hot Dog pin

For sides we’re having Red Eye Grilling Beans and a grilled watermelon salad with heirloom tomatoes and blueberries. I believe in nose-to-tail watermelon consumption, so with all those left over watermelon rinds I did a watermelon rind quick pickle infused with jalapeños.

grillin-beans pin

watermelon-salad tall pin

watermelon-pickle pinCheers and Happy Grilling!



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